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*.vok Page

This page provides the *.vok files, i.e. the decks for the Shareware program VTrain, a Windows only flashcard program that uses advanced mnemonic techniques for learning. Read my review about VTrain (Fall 2002). The program itself doesn't run on the web, but you can download the decks you want from here and place them into your "working directory" for VTrain.

Before you can start, download the program from theVTrain homepage and install it. To get started, read my handout for further instructions. Viel Spass!

Los geht's! Download the file by
a) right-clicking with your mouse on the link below. Then save the Link Target As to the VTrain working directory (Mozilla).
b) right-click and save Target, or left-click and you will be prompted to save (IE 5.5).

These VTRAIN files (Version 3) contain general vocabulary.
English & German


  1. Deutsch - Englisch, irreguläre Verben.
  2. Infinitiv - Perfekt, "conversational past" (grösstenteils) irreguläre Verben.
  3. Infinitiv - Imperfekt, "narrative past" (grösstenteils) irreguläre Verben.


These VTRAIN files (Version 3) are for my students.

  1. Vokabeln aus Kapitel 10 und aus dem Unterricht (Version vom 2. April 03)
  2. Vokabeln aus Kapitel 9 und aus dem Unterricht. (Version vom 13. Feb. 03)