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Olaf Böhlke

Here are, in my opinion, some of the best links for language learning.

German Practice Online: GPO

German Audio & Video Online: GAVO

Spanish Practice Online: SPO

Spanish Audio & Video Online: SAVO

Note for Teachers who want to create their own: If you want to create web-based interactive exercises with feedback on your own, my top recommendation is Hot Potatoes, which is free if you use it for academic work and make your exercises accessible to everyone on the web. And that's what the web is all about.


GPO German Practice Online

Hot Potatoes Interactive Exerercises with Webbrowser (collection of various grammar topics).

JavaScript Interactive Exerercises with Webbrowser (collection of various grammar topics).

1. Neue Heimat? - Türken in Deutschland (2001). Finished-but at least 7 years old [60 Mb!]
Deutsche Welle QuickTime video in German, No subtitles, with chapter tracks and a worksheet (RTF) with 16 questions. Recommended for Intermediate German. Please download the video to your harddrive first before showing it in class. Feel free to modify the worksheet to fit your needs. And please share any major improvements with me! Here is the directory.

Grammar Handouts, Information, Tables, Flowcharts, etc.
1. Adjective Endings - Flowchart, source URL below. GIF [13 Kb]
http://german.about.com/library/weekly/aa021599.htm (2003)